CFA- Constitutional Facial Acupuncture


Courses in treatment to cultivate your true beauty developed from traditional Chinese Měiróng 美容 Practices

Let Your True Beauty Shine

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture (CFA)

can assist you to look & feel your best!

Your face tells your story, and shows the emotions held within

“When you look goodyou feel good, and when you feel goodyou look good.” – Dr. Shellie Goldstein (Celeste’s CFA teacher)

Cultivate Beauty from Within

The face tells ones story, and shows the emotions held within

…the face expresses one’s entire being…

CFA can help you:

-Understand and adapt what your face is telling the world

-Resolve stored emotions

-Embody your most beautiful self

CFA Can Promote Your Natural Ability To:

-Lift skin and features
-Soften fine lines and wrinkles
-Restore elasticity of skin and muscles
-Increase collagen production
-Improve complexion and glow
-Optimize hair growth, reduce hair loss
-Reduce the effects of long-term stress

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A guide to 

Your CFA Journey

Treatment Package Pricing

All CFA patients MUST be established patient’s of Dr. Celeste.

Please complete “Initial Acupuncture” appointment before booking a CFA treatment

Schedule via email, phone 206.588.0936, or through our: 

First Step:

Become an Established Patient


*This may be covered by insurance*

This includes:

75m Appointment

Establish Medical Profile

TCM Consultation

Introductory Acupuncture Treatment

Holistic Health Treatment Plan

Next Step:

Add-On to your follow-up Appointment


*Your $135 baseline return acupuncture session may be covered by insurance depending on your coverage, the add on price is cash-only*

$75 Add-on: (+30m)
Cosmetic Consult

Receive insight about what your face is telling the world

Establish attainable goals

Obtain personalized treatment plan & lifestyle recommendations

Receive introductory Rejuvenation Treatment

$45 Add-on: (+15m)
Rejuvenation Treatment

Facial cosmetic acupuncture

Facial Massage

$30 Add-on: (+15m additionally)
Auxiliary Therapy

*Add-on to Rejuvation Treatment only*

Facial Gua Sha OR Mircocurrent

Next Step:

Pre-Purchase a CFA Add-on Package

10% OFF
10 Sessions

*For best CFA results, receive 10 treatments, 1x or 2x per week consecutively *

A series of 10-treatments qualifies you for a CFA profile 

A series of 10-treatments qualifies you for a CFA profile

Track your progress!
Before, during, & after photos *optional*

Recieve support along your journey

See the best results from CFA

Maintain & Improve Results

Maintain throughout year by receiving at least one Rejuvenation Treatment per month

Receive one 5 or 10-week 10-treatment series per year to improve on CFA results