Consultation & Treatment

Every great treatment begins with a consultation

Every consultation supports treatment


Every consultation and treatment is tailored for your needs, to empower you as an individual


Every consultation and treatment builds toward supporting your goals, the opportunity for growth is endless


Celeste the Rose consultations and treatments are designed to work with your current wellness support system




Consultation is where we listen, assess, plan, and learn how to treat your condition. Here you will get to share what’s going on for you and receive insight on your path towards your desired state. Depending on your situation, multiple consultations may needed to address your concerns. Each consultation is important to continuing care.

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In Initial Consultation, we will:

-Intake your health profile
-Establish your goals
-Conduct tests to clarify your condition
-Establish your diagnosis
-Empower you with wellness knowledge, mindset, and practices
-Create your treatment plan

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In Follow-Up Consultations, we will:

-Update your health profile
-Refine your goals
-Conduct necessary re-assessment tests
-Refine your diagnosis if needs
-Empower you with deeper knowledge and practices
-Practice therapeutic exercises
-Bolster your treatment plan




Treatment is your time for facilitated healing. You will receive this guided therapeutic experience to optimize your health. Your treatment plan and treatments are specifically designed for your long term goals while remaining adaptable to what you need in the moment. Healing is a skill that can be acquired through practice, therefore your treatments will develop as you do.

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Your treatment plan:

This is your plan for receiving treatments as well as how to treat yourself at home. In general options include yet are not limited to:
-Therapeutic Exercises
-Herbal Medicine
-Lifestyle Recommendations

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Your Treatment May Consist of:

The tools available to treat one condition are vast. The healing modalities you receive in treatment will be a blend of the following:
-Guided Therapeutic Exercise
-Hands-on Healing
-Sound Healing

Consultation / Treatment Frequency:


Consultations can be conducted independently or in tandem with table treatments. If you are choosing consultation services alone, recommendations for frequency will be decided upon your first consultation. Initial consultations are conducted before every first treatment. Generally a follow-up consultation will be conducted every 4-6 weeks thereafter. Additional consultations may be required depending on your needs.


Treatment frequency can differ case to case with acute or chronic conditions and will be determined after your initial and follow-up consultations. Mild to moderate conditions generally benefit from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly treatments. Severe conditions generally benefit from multiple treatments per week. Wellness/creativity treatments can be scheduled according to your goals.

Insurance Patients:

Celeste does accept insurance. She is credentialed with Regence and Premera, and is able to provide out of network care. You are responsible for pre-approval and understanding your benefits before consultation & treatment. Insurance typically does not cover the full consult and treatment cost, will be billed after your service for any remaining balance.

**Insurance patient’s treatment and consultation coverage vary depending on your specific benefit accommodations. If your benefits do not cover the optimal level of care you will be provided, you will be invoiced to compensate the remaining costs.