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TCM Doctoral Capstone Research 2023

participate in the research & Development of innovative
TCM-Based Sound Therapy

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-A study of a novel electronically produced TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) sound therapy

-Receive sound therapy via a one-time Zoom webinar

-Complete onboarding registration and pre and post session surveys

-Optionally contribute additional reflections about your sound therapy experience in a post-therapy short answer format


- Register today, spots are limited!

- The trial will take place on February, 5th 2023 at 11AM-12PM PST


-Participate in the comfort of your home! (or any space relatively free of environmental/social distractions)

-Join us virtually online via Zoom Webinar, register here:


*There are no fees associated with your participation
- A valid email address
- Availability to participate in full sound therapy trial on February, 5th 2023 from 11AM to 12PM
- Access to a relatively distraction-free space for the time of the trial
- Access to computer with dependable connection to internet for the duration of the trial
- Over- or in-ear headphones, or sound system with bass (strongly recommended) for listening to sound therapy. for the trial
- Ability to read, write, and hear the English language
- Completion of registration and pre- and post-trial surveys
- Ability to sit or lay comfortably for ~1 hour for duration of the pre- and -post survey and sound therapy without break (ie: to use washroom or tend to other needs/distractions)

About the Project

This TCM-Based Sound Therapy trial is a pilot study conducted within a doctoral research program. The trail designed to study the effects of sound therapy which utilizes TCM principles in its therapeutic approach. The project aims to improve the wellness and quality of life of its participants by attuning to a sonic representation of harmonious balance within the body. By delivering the sound therapy while collecting before and after mood markers, we can help determine the therapy’s effect on wellness. This will provide a basis for further TCM-based sound therapy development and studies.   

Volunteers for this study must be able to commit to a one-time sound therapy trial. All participants will receive this sound therapy that is based on TCM principles for cultivating wellness. This trial seeks to test how electronically-produced TCM-based sound therapy effects mood. This will be possible with the participant-reported pre- and post-therapy surveys.

Each prospective participant will determine if they qualify for the trial by reviewing the trial requirements. Upon registration, the participant will attest to meeting the requirements for participation in the trial. Registration will include general demographic and wellness information as well as an informed consent.

Successfully registered participants will gain access to the Zoom webinar link, and will be sent reminders of trial leading up to date. On the day of the trial, participants will be sent a reminder to join the trial at the appointed time. The participant must be ready with their device to participate in the Zoom webinar, headphones or other sound system, dependable internet connection, and distraction-free space upon the time of the trial.

The trial will begin with a brief overview of the protocol of the trial. Participants will complete a poll to determine if they physically and mentally ready to begin trial. Once participants are ready, the trial will begin. The pre-trial survey will be administered via a Zoom poll. Once participants have completed this survey, the sound therapy will begin. The therapy will play for 30-minutes while the participant listens in silence, free of distractions. Immediately after completion of the sound therapy, participants will be given the post-therapy survey via the Zoom poll. Participants will then be given an opportunity for a short break and/or to directly complete the post-therapy satisfaction survey. Participants will then be given an optional opportunity to write additional reflections to about their experience &/or leave the meeting when they are ready. 

The project seeks to further identify how effective this novel form of TCM-based sound therapy is for improving mood, an aspect of wellness. This will provide as a basis for further testing the effectiveness of this therapy on an participant’s wellbeing. The study will help identify ways to improve as well as further cultivate a basis of evidence for the power of TCM based sound therapy.

Research Team

Research PI:
Celeste Houvener Lac. / EAMP


Celeste a licensed Acupuncturist and Eastern Asian Medicine Practitioner with over a decade of experience at a licensed healthcare provider. She is currently enrolled in the DAOM program with a specialty in Healthy Aging and Longevity at Yo San University. 

Research Institution:
Yo San University

“Yo San University, a non­profit organization, educates students to become exceptional practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Taoist healing arts. The university facilitates the development of students’ spiritual and professional growth, and provides the community with integrative medical care and services.”


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