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TCM Doctoral Capstone Research 2022

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-Create a custom wellness program
-Practice methods of 3-5 of The Rose Method Wellness Class Series
-Fill out custom wellness form Questionnaires throughout the program


January – December 2022


Virtual Online

About the Project

The Rose Method doctoral research program is designed to study the affects of TCM therapeutic exercises and lifestyle choices. The project aims to improve the health and quality of life of it’s participants. By methodically utilizing & tracking the results of health and wellness tools, we can determine their effectiveness.  

The study is to be conducted with committed participants who volunteer for this study. All participants will be educated on the basics of wellness from a TCM perspective. This will include basics of harmonious qi flow and cultivation.  TCM therapeutic exercises and lifestyle wellness theory will be available online through consultation, tutorials, mini-lectures, and guided meditations.

Each individual participant will establish where they are at in their wellness journey as well as their wellness goals through an initial consultation.  Participants then will be given the opportunity to design their own wellness plan with the help of their TCM Practitioner. The wellness plan will include which specific exercises & lifestyle choices will be implemented. The duration, frequency, and intensity will be noted for each individual. Each participant will track their progress and share their findings for evaluation.

The project will conclude how effective specific therapeutic exercises and lifestyle choices acted to improve the participant’s health. This will provide as a platform for practicing and testing the effectiveness of TCM healthy living tools. We will find ways to improve as well as further cultivate a basis of evidence for the power of TCM therapeutics.

Research Team

Celeste Houvener Lac. / EAMP


Celeste is a licensed Acupuncturist and Eastern Asian Medicine Practitioner. In her work she incorporates traditional and modern techniques of therapeutic exercise, lifestyle management, bodywork, diet & herbal therapy, and. Specifically utilizing her mastery of acupuncture, medical qi gong, Chinese herbalism, and balanced lifestyle practices. She facilitates patients in realizing their health, wellness, and fitness goals by attuning them to their optimal flow of mind, body, and spirit.

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