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Experience the vast power of your breath. Breath is life. We have the capability to access so many parts of our being through breath. Do you want the to develop your understanding of this capacity through a TCM lens? This program is for you!

Flow with Breath

Circulatory Support

-Reduce Pain

-Cultivate Effortless Power

-Release Tension 

Five Classes

five ways to utilize your breath

with Breath

Mobilize with Breath

Range of Motion Support

-Open & Strengthen Joints

-Improve Posture

-Increase Lung Capacity

Energize with Breath

Vitality Support

-Reduce Fatigue

-Build Nervous System 

-Increase Strength & Will Power 

Relax with Breath

Restorative Support

-Reduce Insomnia

-Let Go of Stress

-Regulate Emotions 

Attune with Breath

Self-Care Support

-Heal From Within

-Raise Your Vibration 

-Empower Your Being 

Revolutionize your Wellness Through Your Breath

Foundational Wellness Breathwork Classes

discover practices to utilize your breath in these 5 unique 1-hr offerings:

- Circulatory Support -


“Flow with Breath” is a practice to help cultivate the smooth and even flow of your breath. The body’s state of being can be determined by the flow from inhale to exhale and back again. We tend to hold our breath when we are stressed, focusing intensely on a task, and in general throughout our day. This is detrimental to our health. When our breath is stagnant or choppy or uneven so is our mind and our physiology. The opposite is true when we are functioning optimally, our breath will be smooth. Regulated, calm breath brings peace to the whole being. Through this practice you will learn how to fortify your smooth and even flow of breath. With proper attention and technique, you will be able to access smooth and even breath in the most difficult of times to let your life shine!


Unleash your being through “Mobilize with Breath”. The mobility of our lungs and the surrounding tissues determines our ability to take full breath. Full breath allows us to intake vital oxygen from the air and release waste substances from our body. Through compressed posture or prolonged stress and tension we will lose the range of motion in our lung and diaphragm. This class will enable to optimize your full range of breath. Subsequently you will find increased mobility throughout all of your joints and viscera, as breath is a primary tool for accessing mobility through the entire body. Through the guided breathing exercises in this class you will learn to open through your joints and spine to access the different areas of your body with breath. Experience your full range of motion in life through breath!

- Range of Motion Support -

- Vitality Support -

“Energize with Breath” is very powerful tool to nourish your entire being at its foundation. Through these breathing techniques you will be able to directly ingest energy from the atmosphere. We are doing this all the time through basic respiration, we can’t live long without it! Yet with intention and specific techniques you will be able to optimize this function. We have been taught to reach for an extra cup of coffee or miracle pill when we are feeling fatigued. Yet we have all of the power to overcome fatigue within our own selves! You can charge the core of your being with vitality through breath. Through this practice you will learn to build the energy and focus for the immediate task at hand, as well as store energy deep in your body for your longevity. You will learn techniques that will build your foundational energy resources as well as energize different parts of your body for optimum form and function. Recharge, renew, and revitalize your life through breath!


“Relax with Breath” is a class that can revolutionize your restorative capabilities. Many of us know the “wired and tired” feeling where we just can’t seem to relax even when we want to. Insomnia, stress, and the like can all wreak havoc on our nervous system and make it difficult to get out of “the wired and tired” loop. But there is hope in our breath! Our breath dictates and reflects the state of our nervous system. The state of our nervous system determines how we interpret stressors in our environment. Therefore, we are able to adapt the way we respond to our environment through intentional breath. In this class we will first learn how to identify which nervous system we are operating within by observing our breath. From there we will learn how to induce a state of relaxation in our nervous system through our breath. Through our breath we will relax our body as a whole and through each circulatory pathway of our body through. This will empower you to allow yourself to deeply rejuvenate naturally through your breath.

- Restorative Support -

- Self care Support -

“Attune with Breath” is a class designed to empower you with the techniques to create the state of being you desire. All of nature is resounding at a spectrum of frequencies and our body is a part of that. We have the capabilities of diagnosing our body by looking at its frequency as well as healing our body by applying certain frequencies to balance it. Our brain waves, heart rate variability, core body temperatures to name a few all reflect this. Each of our organs has a specific vibration that reflects its optimal health. Traditional Chinese medicine has understood this for years and has developed a system for supporting the body’s most optimal frequency. In this class you will learn how to create a therapeutic wavelengths with your breath as well as create sound frequencies with your mouth. We will apply these techniques to the entire being as well as to specific organs and energy channels. Attuning ourselves to our optimal state of being is achievable through our breath!

Your Breath, Your Choice

pick a breathwork class that best aligns with your wellness interests and intention

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Full Breath Bundle

5 Classes

Revolutionize Your Breath

$180 Complete Program

Save $120 on 5 classes!

Access to Flow, Energize, Mobilize, Relax, & Attune with Breath Collection

Triple Breath Bundle

3 Classes

Optimize Your Breath

$120 3-Class Program

Save $50 on 3 classes

Choice of 3: Flow, Energize, Mobilize, Relax, or Attune with Breath

One Breath Class


Fortify Your Breath

$60 Single Class

Try one class at a time

Choice of Flow, Energize, Mobilize, Relax, or Attune with Breath

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