Tone. Wave. Rhythm.


Flow. Pattern. Feel.


Internal. Form. Function.


Dynamic. Network. Experience.

Through creativity we can express deep concepts beyond words.

Aristic works allow the creator and the observer this opportunity.

The creator must release their creation to let the observer interpret.

The observer creates their own unique experience by their interpretation.

There is endless opportunity through art.


LaRo$a is Celeste’s music project. She is a vocalist & producer with a focus in rap. She offers a range of inspiring works with insight and ingenuity to celebrate peace-reality, and share her stories. Seattle-born and westcoast-based, she has been performing music and dance since her childhood. She cultivates an innovative sound by infusing modern hip hop bass beats with an organic, energizing vibe to connect to diverse audiences.  She incorporates original choreography into her self-made media offerings. Wether on her own or in a group, she seeks to offer unique and inspiring content to viewers.



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Music video Gallery 



Celebrating island 4×4 culture on Vancouver Island

BB Break the Ice

Shot at “Simply Pure Water & Ice” in Victoria, BC 

Honey Drippin

Video with Made in Alchemy, Arya Hawker, and Sandy Rossignol. Song by LaRo$a incorporating vocals by MIA,  beat produced using vocal samples and bee and ocean sound samples. 

Collaborative Performance art video Gallery 

Cosmic Drip @ Shambhala MF

“Cosmic Drip” is a 15-minute choreographed productino created in collaboration with Made in Alchemy. Original MIA music w/ Beatsmith & LaRo$a. Performed live at The Grove Stage at Shambhala Music Festival.

"Human" at Kamp Festival

“Human” is a 10-minute choreographed piece created in collaboration with by Made in Alchemy. Original and mixed music by LaRo$a. This is a highlight video of it’s performance at Kamp Festival in British Columbia.

The Rose

“The Rose” is a 30-minute choreographed piece created in collaboration with Made in Alchemy. Music by LaRo$a, specially curated for this piece. This is the highlight video from the live performance at Shambhala Music Festival. 

"X X" Vocal Toning Procession

“X X” Vocal toning procession with Creatrix. Roving through a Galaxy near you.

Live Performance video Gallery 

LaRo$a at Amber Lounge

Live edit of LaRo$a performing at Amber Lounge with dancer in Seattle, WA. 

LaRo$a w/ Shiny Things at Shambhala

Live edit of LaRo$a performing at Shambhala Music Festival with Shiny Things Music and the LSDivas

Live at Lucky

Live at Lucky Bar in Victoria, BC. Solo and accompanied by Sundry NoName.

Photo gallery


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