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TCMST Listening Protocol

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When answering poll questions:
-Choose the answer that feels true in the moment, rather than based how you’ve felt in the past
-Do not choose answers that reflect how you think you should or want to feel like. 
-Be as honest and true to yourself in the moment as you can in your answers
-Do not overthink or stress about your poll answers, pick what feels right for you in the moment
-There are no wrong answers or reflections
-All feedback, negative or positive, are valuable additions to this research

Before the sound therapy begins:
-Assume ready position, focus, and breath

After the sound therapy:
-Bring your focus immediately to the poll questions to ensure a pure read on your state of being, do not give way to distraction until complete

After polls are complete there will be an open comment writing session. 
-After your polls and feedback have been submitted, your session is complete.  
-After your session is over you are welcome to send additional feedback to

Recommendations for receiving this TCM sound therapy: Posture, Focus, Breath

Allow your body to assume a comfortable position for yourself for the entirety of the sound therapy, refraining from activity & choosing stillness.

strongly recommended:
-lying down or sitting back 
-rest your head on a supportive surface
-keep your hands along your sides
-keep your limbs uncrossed, resting
-enter a dimly lit or dark space &/or cover your eyes with a soft material
-Feel free to use any props to bolster yourself for comfort

Allow your entire body to relax, dropping into the support of gravity. Relax your face, head, ears, eyes, throat, belly, pelvis, chest, shoulders, hips, legs, arms, elbows, knees, hands, fingers, feet, toes, etc. in this way. Repeat.

-Focus on listening to and feeling the sounds being played throughout the therapy
-If the mind wanders, bring it back to listening from stillness
-If the mind wanders, follow the inhale and exhale of your breath with your mind
-Allow and feel the sound resonate throughout your body, massaging your cells with vibration
-If sensations or thoughts becomes distracting, let them pass by focusing again on the breath
-Allow the sound to play to it’s competition, listening from a neutral center within yourself

-Relax your chest, neck, and shoulders by allowing your breath to come from your belly
-Let your belly button expand away from your spine on the inhale 
-Let your belly button draw near to your spine on your exhale
-Let your breath flow evenly in and out of your lungs, let go of effort and strain