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“Balancing 12 Branch Sequence – Harmonize Qi & Blood – Resonate with Heaven & Earth + Guided Meditation”

TCMST Soundtrack now available

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TCMST Preview

follow the listening protocol, sit back, relax, and enjoy! 

TCMST offerings:

Liù Zì Jué “Six Healing Sounds” Workshop
& 1-to-1 Sessions


– Basics of vocal toning

– How to pronounce the ancient six healing sounds

– The Six Healing Sounds Qi Gong routine

Practice the full Six Healing Sound Qi Gong routine

TCMST (TCM-Based Sound Therapy) Session

-A novel electronically-produced sound therapy in the form of a 30-minute soundtrack that will be streamed during the session. 


Public Events: TBA

*Private Sessions Now Available in Clinic & Online*

Doctoral Dissertation Presentation on TCMST Study

Dr. Celeste Rose Houvener’s project that was completed in partial fulfillment for her DAOM degree was titled: “A Study in a Novel Electronically Produced TCM-Based Sound Therapy for Affecting Mood and Perceived Wellness in Adults”

Prepare for tCMST session

How to Prepare:

-General Series Registration (Click “registration” button and fill out form. Once registered, you do not need to RSVP to each session you wish to attend)

-Location (choose and distraction-free environment where you can relax and receive the sounds)

-Device to stream the session via Zoom webinar (computer, tablet, or phone)

-Dependable internet connection

-Headphones or speakers capable of emitting bass frequencies

-Loose, comfortable clothing

-All sessions are drop in, no experience required

Workshop Requirements:

-Participation in exercises

-Room to stand and follow along with gentle qi gong movements demonstrated on the screen


Sound Therapy Requirements:

-Listening device with a bass frequency range

-A comfortable place to sit or lie down for 30-minutes uninterrupted


Please inquire within about future workshop offering or book a 1-to-1 private session today!

Please Complete this form if you have any additional comments, questions, or concerns


What is TCMST?

TCMST stands for TCM-Based Sound Therapy. The version you will be receiving is a novel electronically-produced sound therapy in the form of a 30-minute soundtrack that will be livestreamed during the session.

This track utilizes specific synthesized frequencies and vocal tones in accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. The frequencies correspond with the acupuncture meridians and the tones to the organs within the body.

The track incorporates the full sound spectrum, with bass and high-pitched notes of the entire audible chromatic scale. The audio production techniques are utilized to create an enjoyable audio journey for the listener.


What is TCMST designed for?

            -Promoting balance, harmony, and resonance with the rhythms of nature

This TCMST incorporates tones and frequencies designed to harmonize the body, mind, and emotions to the rhythms of nature. This TCMST is intended to balance the flow of qi through the meridian and organ system in the body.  


This is accomplished by creating an auditory replica of the way energy flows and transmutes through phases in nature. This model is applied to the human body through TCM principles. Through the process of entrainment, the mind and body can sync to the rhythms throughout the auditory journey through time and space.


What to expect in a TCMST session:

-A guided journey

Before the sound therapy session, Celeste will help prepare you for an optimal sound healing experience through a brief guided relaxation meditation. During the therapy, you are encouraged to maintain comfortable stillness in order to fully receive the sounds. After the therapy, you will be gently welcomed back to discuss anything that came up for you during the therapy if you want and be free to go about your day/evening.

-Listening Protocol

Yǎng Shēng (TCM life-cultivation practice) breathing, mindset, and posture practices are applied in accompaniment to the TCMST in order to optimize the possible therapeutic effects of the sounds. Participants will be guided instructed to lie down comfortably, breathe from the diaphragm, and focus the mind on feeling the sounds &/or concentrating on the breath before the sound therapy begins.

-A personal experience

Your TCMST experience will be unique to you. As the therapy is designed to attune, balance, and harmonize the listener to the rhythms of nature, its effect will vary depending on how the listener receives the input. The process of balancing the body’s flow or energy will feel unique to one’s personal experience and state of being. For example, this TCMST may help someone who is feeling over-excited to relax or help someone who is feeling exhausted feel more enlivened. The important thing is that the listener be open and allowing of their own being’s experience, which often can take practice.


This therapy is most effective when integrated into a holistic wellness lifestyle. It is recommended to consult your healthcare practitioner about any health concerns you may have in participating in sound therapy, as well as seek appropriate specialty follow-up care for any physical, emotional, or mental healing you may experience during the TCMST. Wellness practices such as this TCMST can help instigate and propitiate lifestyle choices and habits that contribute to greater health.



What effect does TCMST have on listeners?

-Commonly experienced effects of TCMST

While this TCMST will be experienced uniquely by each individual each time it is received, there are some common trends in listener’s experiences with the sound therapy that have been discovered.

-Relaxation of Mind, Body, Emotions (Can even induce sleep)

-Healing response (while some feel neutral, healing can also feel intense)

In a scientific trial of this TCMST, participants reported an improvement in mood and perceived wellness. Participants experienced significantly higher pleasant feelings and were significantly calmer, less aroused, and more relaxed after the sound therapy session.  The participants reported enjoying the audio and overall experience very much, as the level of satisfaction was significantly higher than the satisfaction scale’s theoretical midpoint.


The most common effect this therapy has been reported to cause is a relaxation of the mind, body, and emotions. This therapy is shown to have a significantly calming effect. That being said, this TCMST has also been reported to cause powerful emotional, mental, and physical healing in some. These transformative experiences help move stagnate energy in the body, making it easier to maintain a balanced state throughout one’s daily life.


-Immediate Effects & Long-term results

This TCMST has been shown to have immediate effects on mood and perceived wellness, as well as induce immediate physical healing that has lasted both temporarily and permanently. Whether this TCMST offers immediate results or not, this therapy will yield best results when utilized often. Just as regular exercise and healthy diet support long-term health, so can utilizing therapies such as this TCMST.


Brief TCMST demonstration:

This demonstration is given in order to give you an idea of the sounds you will be hearing, not to be used therapeutically or otherwise out of context in anyway.

*bass-compatible headphones or speakers required*

This audio demonstrates one out of twelve segments of this TCMST, representing the Foot Shaoyang  “zǐ 子” meridian with frequency and utilizing the sound “Xū 嘘”


Experience TCMST sound bath on demand!

-Cultivate your self care

-Listen, enjoy, relax, reset on your own time!

Inquire within, directly to Celeste, via her email at 

“Balancing 12 Branch Sequence – Harmonize Qi & Blood – Resonate with Heaven & Earth + Guided Meditation”

TCMST Soundtrack now available

Donate $36 or more to gain access to the audio file. 

You’re welcome to contribute more to financially support the research, development, and offerings of TCMST

Your support is greatly appreciated!


What is Liù Zì Jué “Six Healing Sounds” Qi Gong

One of the most prolific forms of TCMST is a practice called Wú Yīn Liù Zì Jué 吴音六字诀 or Liù Zì Jué, the Six Healing Sounds. Liù Zì Jué is an ancient practice, which originates from Tu Na and developed to incorporate Dao Yin movements and Yang Sheng lifestyle guidelines. Liù Zì Jué involves the practice of generating six tones that can be pronounced vocally or subvocally with or without the correlating Dao Yin movements, depending on the style. Liù Zì Jué tones have various therapeutic applications and techniques of practice that have developed over the ages. No matter the application, each of the Liù Zì Jué sounds correspond to a particular organ to cleanse and nourish it. Many versions of Liù Zì Jué have been developed and are still in practice today to benefit health in a myriad of ways. A general complete Liù Zì Jué form has been formalized by the Chinese Health Qigong Association which includes the six exhalations performed in a relaxed yet focused mindset with gentle body movements. The following chart includes each Liù Zì Jué sound character, pronunciation, and associated TCM organ.

More Info Coming Soon...


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