Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


Our planet’s most ancient medicine practiced in hospitals today

Universal Alignment

Infinite Divisibility

The ancient thinkers founded Chinese Medicine upon the core principles of the universe. Understanding that everything operates within a balanced system is the basis of TCM. If something appears out of balance, there is a logical cause that can be traced and treated through aligning more with natural balance. TCM is so effective because it goes with nature, the most powerful force of all. There is much to learn from nature, which can appear so simple. Yet nature encompasses the entirety of our depth and complexity. Everything that exists does so together as one. Understanding individuality as part of the whole reveals the truths of each part.


Practicing in the way our greats have guided us

TCM offers practical and personalized treatment options for everyone. By nature, this medicine encompasses all of nature and therefore has the ability to address all conditions. The history of this medicine traces back thousands of years. It’s core has survived through cultural revolution and environmental factors. As our technology advances so does our ability to document and develop our practices for modern application.


TCM treats you as you are, a whole person within the universe. Everything that you interact with has a ripple effect into your being. TCM can address everything that encompasses who you are. Through studying the elements and forces of nature we understand our external and internal worlds. Our insides reflect what is outside and visa versa. TCM applies these simple yet incredibly deep principles in treatment. There are vast applications for TCM beyond the clinic, making it an effective system for applying your health to all areas of your life.


Chinese medicine has developed over time, and continues to develop with the times. Through the millennia, Chinese medicine has effectively treated it’s population through all diseases that came it’s way. TCM literally stays on the pulse of the human condition. With sound core principles, we evolve to find how to balance whatever imbalance arises. This is what makes TCM such a complementary medicine to in integrative healthcare. Staying true to our foundations, TCM can combine with other medicines to create a balanced treatment. Every practitioner and patient is unique, find out what works for you first hand.


Treatments for your body, mind, and spirit to flow in its optimal state.


Tissue Manipulation

Therapeutic Exercise

Most Utilized TCM Treamtent Modalities: 

Herbal Medicine

Herbal therapy to assist your wellbeing at the constitutional level.




Lifestyle Consultation

Learn how to optimally align your body with the flow of nature.




Mind / Body Health

By nature TCM strengthens the connection between mind and body. TCM helps individuals heal from injuries, reduce pain, and improve physical function of the body, mind, and emotions.

Flow with Nature

Through the principles of TCM you can explore how to attune to your most natural flow, to your original state.

Strengthen Your Virtue

TCM works within principles of virtue. Healing yourself helps heal the world as a whole.

TCM For The People

TCM has helped and continues to help millions of people all around the world. The possibilities are endless and here for you to explore. There are so many ways for TCM to help you. Find out how by exploring for yourself.