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Inherent Wisdom

Rooted in Ancient Knowledge,
Proven Through Modern Practice

The Rose Method is founded on the effective practices of the ancients adapted to suit the practical benefit of modern-day people. For thousands of years lifestyle and exercise techniques for nourishing life have been practiced and perfected by Daoist sages. These greats have passed their wisdom on to be made available in the present day via their predecessors.

Synergizing the Techniques Developed Through:

Tai Chi

Fully known as Taijiquan, this traditional Chinese practice harmonizes smooth flow throughout the body. This promotes healthy living and aging.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

This is an ancient form of medicine practiced today around the world to harmonize patients with the energy of the universe.

Qi Gong

Transmitted over thousands of years through the practice of Doaist Sages, this ancient Chinese mind/body practice cultivates life force energy.

Orthopedic Therapies

This modern form of therapeutics helps the body's bones and soft tissue realize their most optimum form and function.

Foundational Wellness Class Series

Discover class series offerings that will revolutionize your wellness for life

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-Improve Circulation

-Feel good in your body

-Move with ease


-Strengthen body and mind

-Build your nervous system

-Develop energy and stamina


-Maximize range of motion

-Open joints and facets

-Stabilize body structure


-Allow body/mind restoration

-Cultivate calm

-Let go and let flow.


-Treat yourself

-Develop self awareness

-Harmonize from within

Class Series Descriptions


-Improve Circulation
-Feel good in your body
-Move with ease

Liquid - Fluid - Wave - Current - Shape - Direction

Flow to the rhythm of your breath & discover effortless power. Breathe in fresh energy and intention for your life through the cultivation of presence. Mobilize your muscles and joints. Gentlly get your blood & lymph flowing. Rooted in Tai Chi principles, we will practice ancient as well as modern techniques for promoting smooth flow throughout the body and mind. This 8 class series will give you the tools to circulate through your body, and therefore your life, with ease.

Class Titles:

Class 1 – Flow with Breath

Class 2- Tai Chi Standing Flow 

Class 3- ShiBashi Flow Pt. 1

Class 4- ShiBashi Flow Pt. 2

Class 5- ShiBashi Flow Pt. 3

Class 6- Wave Flow

Class 7- Floor Flow

Class 8– Full Flow Class

Side Effects:

-Release Tension

-Relieve Pain

-Transform Stress


-Strengthen body & mind.
-Build nervous system
-Develop energy & stamina

Occupy - Focus - Let go / Hold on - Polarize - Charge

Power up from your core with isometric exercise. Blast through blockages through the cohesive dynamics of your anatomy and physiology. Build internal warmth and vitality to activate and strengthen not only your musculature, but your nervous system as well! Cultivate calm focus and power in the midst of exertion. Rooted in ancient Daoist Hard Qi Gong practices, we will practice ancient as well as modern techniques for fortifying the body and mind. This 8 class series will give you the tools to turbo build your resilience and energy throughout all aspects of your body and mind, and therefore, your life.

Class Titles:

Class 1- Energize Breath

Class 2- Office Energize

Class 3- 7-Star Energize

Class 4- Energize Stance

Class 5- Dynamic Energize

Class 6- Grounded Energize

Class 7- 4 Legged Energy

Class 8- Energize Hour

Side Effects:
-Reduce Fatigue
-Increase Focus
-Feel Immortal


-Maximize range of motion.
-Open joints and facets
-Stabilize body structure

Access – Experience – Space – Dynamic – Choice – Connection

Mobilize your mind & body today, thank yourself for the rest of your life! Gently open and activate through joints and facets, liberating your skeletal system. Soften tight holding patterns around your body’s moveable structures. Stabilize your bone structure & improve posture while increasing ROM with this modern approach to ancient joint mobilization techniques. This 8 class series will give you the tools to keep your body mobile throughout your life.

Class Titles:

Class 1- Mobility Breath

Class 2- Mobility Unlocked

Class 3- Circular Mobility 

Class 4- Floor Mobility

Class 5- Align posture at wall

Class 6- Spinal Mobility

Class 7- Head and Neck Mobility

Class 8- Mobility Hour


Side Effects:
-Reduced Pain
-Reduced Inflammation
-Improved Posture


-Allow body/mind restoration.
-Cultivate calm
-Let go and let flow

Allow – Process – (un)wind – Store – Observe – Surrender

Optimize your body and mind’s ability to restore through rest. Unwind from accumulated tensions & discover aspects of your subtle body. Practice the “let go, let flow” principle to realize your innate wellness. Connect to your inner peace to nourish from within. Deeply restore your being’s inner reserves. These modern and traditional relaxation techniques will help bring you to a tranquil state. This 8 class series will give you the tools to calm your body and mind for a peaceful life.

Class Titles:

Class 1- Relaxation Breath

Class 2- Relax Recline 

Class 3- Relax Stance

Class 4- Relaxed Emotion

Class 5- Back Relax

Class 6- Guided Relax

Class 7- Bolstered Relax

Class 8- Relax Hour

Side Effects:
-Reduced Stress
-Calm Mind & Emotions
-Improved Sleep


-Treat yourself
-Develop self-awareness
-Harmonize from within

Resonate – Entrain – Sense – Listen – Vibrate – Presence

Tap into your vitality through your vibration. Build self-awareness and activate your inner healer. Through applying manual pressure to the most influential points along your circuitry, your entire body and mind will flow freely with vitality. Discover this innovative approach to traditional techniques of body tapping, acupressure, and vocal toning. This 8 class series will give you the tools to optimize your body’s vibration.

Class Titles:

Class 1- Tap In Tune Up

Class 2- Attune Tone

Class 3- AcuPress Attune Pt. 1 Upper Body

Class 4- AcuPress Attune Pt. 2 Lower Body

Class 5- AcuPress Attune Pt. 3 Head

Class 6- Channel Aware

Class 7- Sound Journey

Class 8- Attunement Hour

Side Effects:
-Body Awareness
-Increased Vibration

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Frequently asked questions

No. This is completely entry-level and is suited for all levels of fitness. The information provided can benefit beginners and experts in their particular field.
These exercises in general will help heal bodily injuries more quickly and effectively. In any situation if you were feeling pain from an exercise you can back off the intensity. These classes are designed to help you listen to your body and are taken at your own risk. You can always consult your doctor if you are concerned about your specific condition.
You can share enrollment information but absolutely no class content can be shared to someone who is not enrolled. Each enrollment is for one participant only. If you would like to participate alongside friends or family each participant must enroll in their own program. Practicing with friends and family is encouraged if you are enrolled in the same classes. Sharing this information with somebody who is not enrolled on their own is a breach of contract.

Click a program on the series enrollment chart. Purchase the program. Single and Triple Series participants will need to fill out the questionnaire to select which series you would like to participate in. Your forms and class access links will be sent to you within  48hrs of purchase. Future classes will be made available for purchase on the class series page.

Wellness talks will be available bi-weekly for class participants only. More information on these talks will be available for participants after registering for their class series.

The Rose Method is a resource to help support your wellness. If you have any additional questions please ask them via this Contact Form