This website acts as a platform for sharing the developments of Dr. Celeste Rose DAOM, LAc. Here you can find services, resources, artistic works and facilitations, events, & designed to complement and inspire your life. Celeste utilizes the healing and expressive techniques of her profession in all she offers.

There are three main branches to Dr. Rose’s offerings: creative, medical, and resource. Medically, she delivers licensed TCM consultation and treatment.  Her creative work expands through a vast multimedia expression, centering around sound and movement. She offers her healing knowledge, practices, and creative works as a resource to you.

An ally for your journey

Trustworthy support


Inspire activation and fortification of our lives


See the world realize harmonious peace-reality.


Balance, heart-centeredness, & respect for all beings

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About Dr. Celeste Rose

Dr. Celeste is a dynamic creatrix full of passion and dedication for all she does. She has been pursuing creative expression since childhood and found her path as a healer in early adulthood. She continues to cultivate her craft throughout her life in a multitude of ways. Amongst her community of family and friends, in clinic or on stage and beyond, she shares her offerings. 

Throughout her years she has experienced a vast range of avenues for exploring herself and the world. Physically through dance, athletics, circus arts, martial arts, and various outdoor explorations. Creatively through music, dance, fashion, design, and visual media. Professionally through healthcare, performance arts, and the clothing industry. From the wide lens she lives through, she has found focus through her daily cultivation of life’s experience.

Celeste prefers to see life as a playground for the development of souls. She hopes to enrich the shared experience of life for all. There are no limits in her philosophy, yet she is entranced most in the miracles of what is most simple. 


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Celeste the Rose


A bud, as a droplet of life

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