Tone. Wave. Rhythm.


Flow. Pattern. Feel.


Internal. Form. Function.


Dynamic. Network. Experience.

Creative Works

Celeste the Rose develops creative works of sound, movement, & design. She hones an innovative vibration in her synthesis of traditional and modern forms of expression in order to better harmonize with the universe.


Sound Journeys

Sound is the primary tool in which we can attune our vibration. Celeste the Rose works with frequency, tone, rhythm, and rhyme to create soundscapes to explore.

live Miniset @ Bemis Arts, Seattle:

"" sound journey

Audio/Visual Root Chakra Journey:

Movement Explorations

Movement is a fundamental aspect of how we interface with our reality. Celeste the Rose works with movement to transform and express her reality.

Choreographed Performance art video Gallery 

Cosmic Drip @ Shambhala MF

“Cosmic Drip” is a 15-minute productin created in collaboration with Made in Alchemy. Original MIA music w/ Beatsmith & LaRo$a. Performed live at The Grove Stage at Shambhala Music Festival.

"Human" at Kamp Festival

“Human” is a 10-minute piece created in collaboration with by Made in Alchemy. Original and mixed music by LaRo$a. This is a highlight video of it’s performance at Kamp Festival in British Columbia.

The Rose

“The Rose” is a 30-minute piece created in collaboration with Made in Alchemy. Music by LaRo$a, specially curated for this piece. This is the highlight video from the live performance at Shambhala Music Festival. 

"X X" Vocal Toning Procession

“X X” Vocal toning procession with Creatrix. Roving through a Galaxy near you.

Honey Drippin

Video with Made in Alchemy, Arya Hawker, and Sandy Rossignol. Song by LaRo$a incorporating vocals by MIA,  beat produced using vocal samples and bee and ocean sound samples. 

Sound x MVMNT:

"Ghost Town" by CtR





Creative Health


Look where you want to go


Follow your impulse


may it bring you true joy


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